Supporting Andrew and Alicia

Hi everyone,

All your prayers, love and support have been amazing. Keep them coming!

We have set up ways of making it easy to make donations for Andrew and Alicia. Both of them need and will need financial support which is why we have set up this easy way of helping them.


Donations for Andrew:


Donations for Alicia:


Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to the accounts for Alicia and Andrew! I am thrilled and excited that so many of you have been a part of the effort to raise money. Recently several people have asked me for some details about making donations (where does the money go, are the Paypal accounts different than the Chase accounts, can the Doudna and Kratzat families access it, etc.) and so I wanted to clarify the process. All the money donated through this page to the Paypal accounts is transferred into the Chase accounts. There are two separate Chase accounts, one for Alicia and one for Andrew. Our intention is for the Doudna and Kratzat families to be able to use this money not only for medical care but for things we KNOW are not covered by insurance (i.e. the family's travel and accommodation expenses, which will be considerable, especially since they may have to relocate to Ann Arbor). A few of you were concerned that the Doudna and Kratzat families would not be able to access the accounts until Andrew and Alicia are fully conscious; don't worry, they can access them anytime and have complete discretion over how the money is used. As for which way of donating is better, the money all goes to the same place, but Paypal takes a small transaction fee for money donated online. The info for the Chase accounts (in case it's been buried in the CaringBridge history) is account number 987063146 for Andrew and 988334066 for Alicia. You can deposit directly into these accounts at any Chase branch, or you can mail checks to

Majda Haitof, Branch Manager
Chase, 125 S. Main Street
Ann Arbor, MI. 48104
(800) 955-9935.

(Note: if you go to the front page of CaringBridge and click "Donate Now", the money does NOT go to Alicia and Andrew, it goes to the CaringBridge organization.)

I'm happy to read about all their progress, and can't wait to see it in person!

On behalf of Andrew, Alicia and both families, thank you. 


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